July 2 - Goldhofer has delivered its fifth Faktor 5 high girder bridge to UK based Allelys Heavy Haulage during its Innovation Days event, which was held from June 26-27 at its facility in Memmingen, Germany.

The high girder bridge has a deadweight of 100 tonnes and a load capacity of up to 500 tonnes, with a payload-to-deadweight ratio of 5:1. Goldhofer claims that this is now the biggest high girder bridge in Europe that can be used as both a vessel bridge and a high girder bridge.

"This puts Allelys in the Champions League in the field of heavy haulage," said ceo of Goldhofer, Stefan Fuchs.

Fuchs explained that 80 to 90 percent of transports could be completed with the latest Faktor 5 high girder bridge. "Maybe some transformers will be a little too heavy," he admitted. "But if there is a demand for a bigger one, we will take the challenge."

Managing director of Allelys Heavy Haulage, David Allely, came to Memmingen to receive the vehicle from Goldhofer. The UK heavy haulage company explained that it ordered the Faktor 5 due to the increase in the size of equipment being manufactured for the power generation industry.

Attendees of Goldhofer's Innovation Days event also got the chance to witness a range of heavy-duty modular transporters featuring the company's innovative MPA axle technology, as well as a new SPMT concept designed to improve side stability.


From left to right: Gernot Zahn, Goldhofer area sales manager; David Allely, managing director of Allelys; Stefan Fuchs, ceo of Goldhofer; and Peter Allelys.