July 13 - Nairobi, Kenya was the location late last month of a gathering of independent freight forwarders from around the world as they participated in the second African Regional Freight Forwarders Conference.

Organised by the WCA Family of Logistic Networks, the event, held 26-28 June, represented the largest gathering of freight forwarders in Africa in 2011 says the organisers and provided a catalyst for numerous new partnerships and business deals running into millions of dollars.

WCA Family president, David Yokeum, hailed the conference as a great success, saying it reinforced the position of independent forwarders as key players in the continuing expansion of logistics within and to/from Africa.

He said: "Independents again have showcased their abilities to serve the African market from all corners of the globe. These companies hold the knowledge and expertise to rapidly build business both export and import, in one of the world's most exciting and challenging regions."

The conference welcomed a number of major global shippers, attending for the first time to seek agents to fulfil major logistics contracts in Africa and beyond. Among the shipper attendees was General Dynamics. A number of airlines with particular strength in Africa, such as Kenya Airways and Etihad, also sent strong representation to forge new opportunities with agents from around the world.