January 7 - The MYQ5000 jacking tower system, designed by Dorman Long Technology and supplied to China Petroleum First Construction Company in 2014, has completed two load tests.

The tower system, which is intended for use in the erection of heavy petrochemical vessels weighing up to 5,000 tonnes and measuring up to 160 m high, successfully function tested to 5,500 tonnes and static load tested to 6,250 tonnes.

The MYQ5000 includes a self erect and dismantle feature, and had four 1,394-tonne capacity strand jacks for lifting.

The system allows vessels to be moved after lifting, as well as rotated, using a 5,000-tonne capacity swivel incorporated into the modular lifting beam. The jacking tower boasts a lifting speed of 23 m per hour, said Dorman Long Technology.

The tower system can be bolted down to concrete foundations or supported on load-spreading mats.