April 27 - In June, 2011, Jumbo Offshore's DP2 heavy lift vessel Fairplayer is set to install four subsea protection structures for production flowlines at water depths of 600 m in the Laggan and Tormore fields, 125 km off the north-west of the Shetland i

The fields' subsea production and pipeline system is the deepest system in UK waters and includes two 45.72 cm production flowlines. The flowlines will connect the subsea production facilities to the onshore processing terminal at Sullom Voe in Shetland. The two flowlines require protection structures at the Tormore starting point and at the Laggan tie-in location.


Fairplayer will take temporary accommodation units onboard and prepare its Deepwater Deployment System(DDS) at Rotterdam. The four structures vary in weight from 180 to 270 tonnes and measure 38 x 21 x 6 m. Fairplayer will make two consecutive trips. Each trip will transport and install two structures in three lifts. Using its DDS, the structures will be installed at 600 m water depth in a single voyage.


After project completion, Jumbo plans to keep the Fairplayer in the North Sea area for other installation activity.