November 24 - Jumbo Shipping has completed a two-year project for Qatar Shell GTL's Pearl GTL project.

From 2007 to November 2009, Jumbo has handled the shipment of 24 reactors, each 1,200 tonnes in weight, transported to the Port of Ras Laffan. With 28,800 tonnes of heavy metal, Jumbo Logistics and Jumbo Shipping made a solid contribution to the Pearl GTL project. 

Jumbo's Fairpartner transported 12, German-built, reactors from Rotterdam, whilst Jumbo Logistics was contracted to execute a barging operation for 12 of the reactors, starting at the fabrication site in Hamriyah (UAE) and including the design of a stooling plan suitable for all contractors, ensuring efficient on and offloading arrangements.

Furthermore, Jumbo also designed and utilised a re-usable sea fastening system. Each time, the reactors were rolled onto the barge using self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs). In order to place them onto the four stools positioned on the barge deck and in light of load-spreading issues, the deck had to be 'raised' by 30 cm with steel mats to provide unobstructed access for the SPMTs. Another purpose of this raised deck was that it provided a larger tidal window for loading and offloading. 

When the tide was suitable, the reactors were slowly rolled onto the barge by a 16-axle, 3-wide SPMT trailer with a total of 192 wheels. To continuously provide safe access, the barge's ballast levels were adjusted step by step. The loaded barge was then towed the 200 miles to Ras Laffan where the reverse procedure of the loading operation was carried out. Finally, the reactors were brought to the site by another contractor. 

Jumbo says that the Pearl GTL project gives a clear demonstration of the company's all-round heavy lift capabilities, including shipping, pre-carriage operations and on-carriage activities.