May 6 - K

The upper deck of the ship, which had the dimensions 26 m x 8.1 m x 3.5 m and a weight of 35 tonnes, was transported from Magdeburg on 10 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi trailers.

The 165-tonne hull, which had the dimensions 42 m x 8.6 m x 4.1 m, was delivered from its production facility in Dresden on 11 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi trailers.

The 67 m long Scheuerle InterCombi combination arrived in Auenhain with the help of a specially constructed temporary road, consisting of metal sheets and a large amount of gravel.

At Lake Zwenkauer, the upper deck of the passenger boat was positioned on top of the hull using two mobile cranes, before the vessel was manoeuvred off the Scheuerle InterCombi onto the mobile slipway using heavy-duty ropes.

The ship is now ready for operations on the lake, capable of carrying up to 400 passengers.