October 3 - WWL ALS has arranged the transport of a 110-tonne winch from Wallsend to Telford in the UK, as well as its installation on site.

The winch, which had the dimensions 8.39 m x 5.15 m x 4.3 m, had been partially decommissioned on site in Wallsend and was being stored on concrete blocks set 1 m off the ground and 3 m apart.

Initially loading was to be carried out using a 500-tonne capacity crane, but WWL ALS explained that it devised a more cost-effective solution by using a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) to load out the winch.

The SPMT was positioned between the concrete blocks and hydraulically lifted in order to pick up the winch. The transporter was then used to move the cargo into another position on site, where it was offloaded onto supports wide enough to enable a modular low loader to position itself underneath.

The low loader was used to deliver the cargo by road to its final destination. A Be16 Special Order was required from the Highways Agency for this movement, all of which was arranged by WWL ALS.

Several obstacles en route had to be removed or replaced and a police escort was also required for the move.

On arrival in Telford, the winch was again transferred onto an SPMT and transported to its final operating position within the client's factory.