May 15 - Mammoet has completed a complex bridge relocation project in Chicago, USA.

The bridge had sat abandoned for the past 50 years, until the local authorities saw fit to give it a second lease of life as a cycle path.

The century-old railway bridge had dimensions of 21 m long, 9 m wide by 2 m high and weighed in at 89 tonnes.

Working with its client, Walsh Construction Company, Mammoet transported the bridge to its new home using two 10-axle line self-propelled modular transporters and a four-point jacking system with 57Te climbing jacks and steel mats. The bridge was carefully moved at walking pace over the course of two hours to its new home.

The relocated, refurbished and repainted bridge will form part of the new 4 km Bloomingdale Trail, which is due to open to the public in 2015.