November 8 - Mammoet has unveiled its new MTC15 terminal crane, which has a capacity of 600 tonnes and a load moment of 15,000 tonne metres.

The MTC15 is a fully-containerised heavy lifting device and can transform any general port into a heavy lift terminal, minimising the need for self-geared cargo vessels and floating cranes, claims Mammoet.

The MTC15 has a maximum capacity of 600 tonnes at a 25 m radius, can be shipped in 25 20 ft containers, has a ground-bearing pressure of 10 tonnes per sq m, uses winches for lifting and operation of the boom-up system, and needs one 80 tonne capacity crane to help with assembly.

The new terminal crane is ideal for load-in/load-outs and the transfer of heavy components for oil and gas, mining and power plant projects, says Mammoet.

Patrick van der Meide, senior commercial manager at Mammoet, adds that after the successful testing of the MTC15 in Westdorpe, the Netherlands, the company is developing a skid track making it possible to move the crane parallel to the quay.