September 25 - Mammoet has transported the first shipment of two Scandvik stacker reclaimers on behalf of Conceptum Logistics, in Queensland, Australia.

Conceptum Logistics is handling the transportation of the reclaimers from China to the BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) coal terminal in Queensland.

The consignments, which included the 225-tonne bucket wheel boom, the 245-tonne main portal, and the 267-tonne slew deck and C frame, arrived at the Port of Mackay onboard BigLift Shipping's heavy lift vessel Happy Dover, as HLPFI reported here.

The replacement stacker was subsequently barged in eight separate movements to North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation's (NQBP) Half Tide Tug Harbour.

According to the port, the pieces were transferred straight from the vessel to a barge for onward transportation to Hay Point, approximately 40 km south of Mackay.

At Hay Point, Mammoet was responsible for the load-in operation and land transport to the BMA coal terminal, which utilised NQBP's specially-designed haul road. 

The convoy, which measured up to 15 m wide, 20 m high and 65 m in length, had to manoeuvre over an old bridge and along a public road which required traffic management and temporary road closure.

In total, the stacker reclaimer weighs 1,150 tonnes and measures 65 m in length when the boom is fully extended.

The second shipment is due to arrive towards the end of this month.