December 11 - Washington-based shipbroker and marine consultant, Marcon International, has announced that Foss Maritime Co has sold its US flag ocean deck barge, 'Foss 343', to Smith Maritime of Cove Springs, Florida. The ro-ro barge has been renamed 'Mar

Built in 1975 by Pacific Coast Engineering, the Marilyn Monroe is an ABS + A1 class barge measuring 104.5 m x 23.2 m x 5.5 m, with a 4.1 m maximum draft.

The barge has deadweight of 7,600 tonnes, a 102.1 m x 21.3 m clear open deck, one longitudinal and six transverse bulkheads. The Marilyn Monroe is fitted with a breakwater forward, a spoon brow and raked stern with twin stowing skegs aft.

Prior to its purchase by Smith Maritime, it has recently been deployed as a crane barge on the US West Coast with a 200 tonne lift Lima 2400B crawler, in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

The new owner will tow the barge to the US Southeast and is now looking to transport southbound cargo. Marilyn Monroe will join ocean barge 'Elvis' (92.3 m x 27.4m x 6.7 m) which Marcon sold to Smith Maritime in 2009.