November 28 - Almajdouie Logistics has coordinated the transport of a retired MD90 aircraft from Jeddah International Airport to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with the Saudi Arabia Airlines, Almajdouie's technicians and engineers designed a transportation plan from the airport to the Saudi Special Forces Training Centre in Riyadh.

To prepare for the journey, Almajdouie conducted a series of road tests before selecting a route, which took the 40-tonne commercial aircraft 1,200 km overland arriving at its destination five days later.

The challenges of the move involved the height of the aircraft on the trailer, which exceeded 5.5 m, as well as the spherical shape of the aircraft's tyres, making it difficult to secure the unit to the trailer.

Mohamed Ashfaq, Almajdouie's heavy lift manager in the eastern region, added: "We had to redesign the trailer by removing the beams and fabricating a special saddle to reduce the height of the cargo to less than 5.5 m to meet the bridge maximum clearance of 5.5 m."