May 28 - In April 2014, Berlin-based Mobi-Hub took delivery of a new Terex AC 1000 all terrain crane, which has recently been used to lift a 175-tonne and 12 m long power plant column at the Borsighafen port.

Frank Strempel, responsible for large cranes at Mobi-Hub, explained that "this type of load is normally lifted using a lattice boom crane or a tandem lift with two all terrain cranes," but the company decided to perform the lift using its new Terex AC 1000.

To prepare the AC 1000 for the lift Mobi-Hub needed only seven support trucks, and once on site, the crane operator and three assembly mechanics assembled the crane and had it ready for lifting in less than eight hours.

The Terex crane was set up with a main boom length of 50 m and 228 tonnes of counterweight.

With its outriggers fully extended and a planned working radius of 14 m, the crane lifted the column out from the barge, swung it into place above the self-propelled transporter vehicle, and safely placed it down.

"Thanks to its large lifting capacity, low transportation costs and short setup times, the AC 1000 was the perfect crane for this job," admitted crane operator Aick Grell.