Subsea and offshore solutions provider Unique Group has entered into a partnership with floating dry dock innovators, Tugdock.

The modular dry dock system can lift structures weighing up to 15,000 tonnes out of the water at a fraction of the cost of standard dry docks, said Tugdock. Unique Group will supply its Seaflex buoyancy bags for the floating dry dock system, which comes in sizes ranging from 12 m x 12 m to 100 m x 100 m.

The system can be moved in standard shipping containers and can be configured with customised dimensions. “The Tugdock system will revolutionise the maintenance of fleets located far from the nearest shipyard, or the construction of floating offshore structures,” said the company.

Each Tugdock system uses individually controlled Seaflex buoyancy bags contained within an open steel frame structure, in a concept developed over two years by Tugdock and a team of Unique Group experts, led by Graham Brading, group director of the company’s buoyancy and ballast division.

The Tugdock system is being launched this month and will be sold by both Tugdock and Unique Group. Brading said: “Since each Tugdock sold will see a significant amount of Seaflex bags being manufactured in our own factory, it makes perfect sense for us to assist Tugdock in maximising its sales and we are delighted to have the opportunity to do so.

“With Unique Group’s increasing focus on the renewable energy sector, we envisage significant potential for an upscaled version of the product to assist with the construction and launch of floating wind turbines, which can be up to 15,000 tonnes displacement.”