October 17 - Europe Cargo has coordinated the shipment of a huge treatment module and associated lifting equipment, weighing a total of 469 tonnes, from the Port of Rotterdam to Okpo, Japan.

The cargo - which comprised the huge module, as well as a lifting frame, two boxes of slings and eight pallets of shackles - was loaded on board Hansa Heavy Lift's vessel HHL Tokyo at the Waalhaven terminal using Bonn & Mees' floating crane Matador 3.

Measuring 18.6 m x 16.7 m x 19.1 m, the large unit was wrapped in plastic, lifted on board and placed onto four supports on the vessel's tank top, before being welded.

The other lifting equipment, which was to be used on arrival in Japan, was loaded onto the ship using a mobile harbour crane.

Once all loading and securing operations were complete, the vessel set sail for Japan with an open hatch.

Europe Cargo is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Belgium.