September 2 - Dockwise has been awarded a dozen heavy marine transport and engineering contracts by its subsidiary Dockwise Shipping with a total value of almost USD37 million.

One contract sees Dockwise awarded an engineering contract to provide a FEM (Finite Element Model) analysis forLoneStar Offshore to verify the structural integrity of the SS LoneStar during transit onboard a Dockwise T-class vessel later this year.

In the third quarter, Dockwise will transport the Acergy Antares, an accommodation/work barge from Acergy Shipping Limited from Singapore to Port Gentil, Gabon. Other short-term contracts include the transport of two crane barges and a tug from New Orleans to Santa Marta, as well as the transport of a lift boat from Chaguaramas to Galveston in early 2011.

Dockwise has also been selected as the contractor of choice by Keppel Fels Ltd. for the transport, loading, and discharge of a floatover barge that includes both living quarters and a topside. This combined cargo, weighing more than 10,000 tonnes, is scheduled for the third/fourth quarters of 2011 aboard the Swan.

In addition, Dockwise has been awarded six short-term contracts for the transport in 2010 of several jack-up rigs, including the Sea TowerRowan EXL 2KS Endeavor, and Atwood Beacon, to various locations around the world.

Dockwise will also be transporting the El Qaher 1 & 2 BMC 375 Pacific Class jack-up rigs from Singapore to Alexandria for Egyptian Offshore Drilling in Q4 2010 and Q1 2011.

André Goedée, Chief Executive Officer: "We are focused on our efforts to maintain market leadership and the increase in shorter-term contracts has helped to steadily build our 2011 backlog. We are seeing encouraging signs across our markets, with prices stabilising. Tendering activity for larger projects also continues.