May 2 - Multitrade Spain has coordinated the international shipment of a number trains, using its own fleet of special trailers and railcars.

Besancon Tramways contracted Multitrade to move railcars built in Zaragoza to Besancon using its specialised railed trucks.

Also from Zaragoza, Multitrade organised the delivery of multiple trains to Civitavecchia in Italy on behalf of Roma Metro. The units were moved by ro-ro vessel using special railed mafi trailers. Multitrade operates 36 railed mafi trailers with a loading capacity of 64 tonnes.

Finally, a number of railcars built in Valencia were moved using Multitrade-operated mafi trailers to Santos in Brazil, on behalf of Santos Tramway.

Multitrade Spain is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network representing Spain.