Dutch trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has introduced 80-tonne capacity ramps for its Manoovr range.

The heavy-duty ramps can be equipped to the four axle, five axle and six axle extendible Manoovr semi low-loaders, which feature an excavator trough. Nooteboom said the ramps are designed for handling earthmoving and construction machines, weighing up to 80 tonnes.

Each heavy-duty ramp can handle a wheel load of 20 tonnes; the axle load of a six-axle Manoovr trailer, type MPL-97-06(VU), is 75.5 tonnes. With these latest ramps the load capacity of the trailer can be used to the full. A ramp slope of ten degrees makes it much easier to drive the load on and off the trailer, Nooteboom added.