November 23 - The Nurminen Logistics' range of special and heavy transport equipment has become more comprehensive with the delivery of Europe's largest heated transport container, says a company statement.

This container, which is installed on top of a special transport trailer, is 17 metres long, three metres wide and three metres high.

The container is designed for transporting specially coated rolls for paper machines, and its internal temperature can be adjusted with a thermostat, according to the requirements of each type of roll. Due to its massive size, the container can accommodate even the largest 120 tonne rolls.

The electrical power needed by the heating unit, which runs on fuel oil, can be drawn from the lorry, a ferry's electrical system or the normal electrical grid. The equipment can also operate on its own batteries for up to two days.

The new heated transport container can be used with several Nurminen Logistics' special transport trailers. Transferring the container from one trailer to another is accomplished using the hydraulic suspensions of the trailers, so no separate cranes are necessary despite the size of the container.

The first task for the heated transport container is the transport of six 71-tonne rolls manufactured by Metso Paper, Inc. from its factory in Jyväskylä, Finland, to the new paper mill of a Metso customer in Germany. For these movements, a 10-axle modular platform will be used as the base for the container, with a 4-axle tractor unit.

The heated transport container was manufactured by Fokor Oy which is based in Forssa, Finland.