August 2 - Shuttlelift has officially unveiled its new SB Series, a new line of single-beam, rubber-tyred gantry cranes designed to provide state-of-the-art lifting solutions and a broad range of cost-saving benefits.

At a recent demonstration day, attendees had an opportunity to test the new SB crane, observing its sharp steering capabilities and the operation of its hoisting mechanism.

They also witnessed the sheer power of the crane, which can teeter on the block and still hold its load securely in place.

Shuttlelift's engineering team provided an up-close look at the crane's development, its features, how its many benefits will apply in the marketplace and a selection of possible applications.

"We wanted to give our dealers an opportunity to see for themselves how the SB Series will improve material handling and operational efficiency while reducing manpower and operator risk," said Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift's director of industrial sales. "These cranes will give their owners quite an edge."

In today's marketplace, components are getting longer, tandem picks are becoming more common, and plant managers are looking for a more cost-effective way to do business. The SB Series, Minten explained, is perfectly suited to that marketplace.

Traditionally, plant managers would purchase a traditional gantry crane with a long spreader bar to handle tandem picks. Now, with the SB Series, they'll pay roughly 35 percent less for two SB 50 cranes than they would for a single 100-ton gantry with spreader bar.

"We can provide increased safety, because there are no load charts to misinterpret, and there are no stability issues because the weight is directly below the crane's frame," Minten said. "Plus, the SB cranes are designed for high-duty cycle and will help increase productivity, and you'll benefit from a much tighter turning radius and increased manoeuvrability when tandem picking thanks to the single-beam design."