January 21 - Many HLPFI readers are heavily involved in providing logistics services for the fast expanding offshore wind energy business, including, storage, transport and installation.

Those hoping to become involved in the ongoing maintenance of offshore wind farms will be interested in a new technical concept for an offshore wind farm maintenance vessel (WMV) which has been released by designers.

The proposed design for the 187 m ship has been created by Offshore Ship Designers, an Anglo-Dutch company.

The WMV design is for a 'mother ship' which would remain on station in offshore deep-water wind farms while engineers service the turbines. This will allow engineers to avoid having to returning to port between maintenance visits, reducing transit time and energy getting to and from the fields.

A dedicated support ship working with the WMV will be a crane-fitted wind farm maintenance ship, able to carry and transfer cargo fuel, potable water, aviation fuel, dry and refrigerated stores and containers on deck.

The WMV will be able to service up to 45 wind turbines daily in up to 2.5 m significant wave heights.