July 5 - Member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in the UAE, Syon Logistics, has shipped an oversize boiler and its associated parts to Jebel Ali, for final delivery by road to a factory in Abu Dhabi.

The boiler weighed 71 tonnes, with a length of 14 m and diameter of 2.8 m.

PCN member in Bahrain, Turk Heavy Transport, has moved a 22-tonne aircraft body from Bahrain International Airport to the Bahrain Defence Force location using an eight-axle hydraulic lowbed trailer with an extension beam.

The company also handled the transportation of a 200-tonne landing craft - measuring 34.05 m x 9.6 m x 7 m - within a shipyard in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Canadian PCN member Convoy Logistics Providers (CLP) coordinated the delivery of a mobile grain shiploader to Port Metro Vancouver on board an AAL vessel.

The consignment comprised a shiploader, dock conveyor and transfer tower - with the largest component weighing in at 250 tonnes and measuring over 66 m long.

PCN member in Germany, Russia and Mongolia - Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) - has organised the movement of six 85-tonne steam drums from Romania to Hamburg, for final delivery to Tobolsk in the Siberian region of Russia.

The drums were part of a 3,600 freight-tonne project comprising a number of additional units weighing up to 200 tonnes each.

AGL has also transported some large shovels from Spain to the Kemerovo region of Russia, via the ports of Antwerp and St Petersburg, for a mining industry client; as well as managing the delivery of eight oversize boilers within Germany.

Aysa Shipping - another PCN member in Iraq - has handled the transport of oil and gas related cargoes from Iraq to Turkey using a total of 287 trucks. The company organised all transportation, as well as surveillance, loading, Customs operations and full documentation services.

The logistics provider also arranged the transport of 20 bulky pipe reels from Erbil, Iraq to a site in Turkey using lowbed trailers.

PCN member in Taiwan, InterMax Logistics Solution, has coordinated the rail transport of a hydraulic press and sintering furnace from China to Russia. The consignment comprised seven units, including the 39-tonne main press section.

New PCN member in Sri Lanka, McLarens Logistics, joined forces with the network's member in the Czech Republic - Zoom Cargo - to ship a transformer substation from Colombo to the Czech Republic via the German Port of Hamburg.

Meanwhile Aryamasir - PCN member in Iran - delivered over 900 tonnes of cargo from China to Azerbaijan via the Iranian Port of Bandar Abbas. The 89 units were shipped from Shanghai Port to Bandar Abbas, before being transported by road to Baku using 42 trucks.

PCN representative Paragon Saudi Services executed the transport of three fire trucks from Rabigh to Yanbu in Saudi Arabia for the state-owned Saudi Aramco. The company handled loading operations, obtaining of permits, transportation and offloading at the site.

Elsewhere, two PCN members - Topline Express Logistics and Brain Logistics - cooperated to complete the shipment of cargo from Shanghai, China to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The project scope involved packing, loading, trucking, sea freight, and final overland delivery.

Another PCN collaboration saw network member in Portugal, OliCargo, team up with UK representative, Clarkson Enship, to handle the transportation of six transformers - weighing 480 tonnes - from Leixões, Portugal to Buckie Harbour in Scotland.

The units were loaded onto two multipurpose vessels using two 500-tonne capacity cranes.