August 17 - Titan Project & Logistic, a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Italy, has cooperated with Curtis & Lee, PCN member in Ireland, for the shipment of a 43,100 kg (43.1-tonne) crane from Savona in Italy to Cork, Ireland.

The crane, which measured 11.2 m x 2.86 m x 3.55 m, is the sixth crane shipment handled between the two PCN members and was transported on board a ro-ro vessel.

In a separate project, Titan Project & Logistic transported machinery for a tannery from La Spezia, Italy to Nhava Sheva in India.

The machinery was dismantled, stuffed, lashed and loaded on to a 20 ft flatrack at Titan's premises in Italy.


Meanwhile, CEA Project Logistics, PCN member in Thailand, has transported eight container reach stackers and their accessories to the Kerry Logistics container yard in Laem Chabang.

CEA utilised two 50-tonne capacity mobile cranes to unload each of the eight reach stackers from flatracks on to lowbed trailers. The accessories were transported in 18 40 ft high cube containers on flatbed trailers and CEA prime movers.

CF&S has transported six crane parts by rail from Estonia to Archangelsk, Russia.

Each piece measured 20.5 m x 3.2 m x 3.2 m and weighed up to 48 tonnes. CF&S transported the cargo on lowbed trucks from the Estonian factory to Paldiski South Port where they were reloaded onto CF&S' own railway platforms.

CF&S is a PCN member in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Fortune International Transport, PCN member in Italy, has transported compressors, weighing approximately 60 tonnes, from a factory to the Port of Genoa, Italy for onward shipment to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Four heavy and large cases were transported on special low-loaders for the client of French PCN member, France Cargo International (FCI).