June 5 - SCS Heavy has disassembled two presses - one in Henriville, France and another one in Renchen, Germany - and subsequently crated and transported both to Dublin, Georgia, via the port of Savannah.

In Henriville, all wiring, piping and smaller materials were dismantled and loaded into cases and containers. Height restrictions necessitated the installation of beams underneath a slider to lift the press off its feet, move it sidewards and lower it. The beams were removed and a second lifting gantry was positioned enabling the press to be rotated.

Skates were then used to move the press to the loading area, where it was repositioned using the lifting gantry, placed on a skid and than loaded onto a truck.

As soon as the press in Henriville was positioned in its case, the lifting gantry was moved to the second press located in Renchen, where the process was repeated.

In Dublin, one press was unloaded with a lifting gantry and stored near the facility.

The other moved directly into the facility via truck.  A lifting gantry was positioned so the truck could drive underneath and the gantry could lift and place the press onto skates to move it into the building. Once inside, after removing the transport frame, it was lifted and rotated, and made ready to be installed.

From its temporary storage area, the second press was lifted onto a Goldhofer SPMT, rolled into the facility, rotated and placed into position.

SCS Heavy says it took five weeks to reassemble and refit both presses.