July 4 - SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports from Ootmarsum, the Netherlands, was contracted to jack up, transport and ship several high pressure vessels weighing more than 225 tonnes each, from Germany to Korea, writes Adam Flensborg Safikhany.

The vessels were jacked up with SCS's newly-bought synchronized lifting system.

"This system uses feedback from multiple sensors to control the lifting, lowering and positioning of any large, heavy or complex structure regardless of weight distribution, therefore reducing the risk of bending, twisting or tilting. We executed this job safe and much faster than we would have been using a regular climbing system", Robin van der Stigchel, managing director at SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports bv, explained.

The pressure vessels were weighed and jacked up simultaneously and positioned on support stools. 16-axle modular Goldhofer trailers moved the vessels from the premises in Germany to the ro-ro facility located on the river Rhine.

The pressure vessels were rolled onboard a pontoon, which sailed to Antwerp. In Antwerp, the pressure vessels were reloaded on NYK-Hinode's multi-purpose heavy lift ship, Iwami setting course for Korea the next day. "This was a typical SCS project", van der Stigchel says, "it combined our long experience in project forwarding as well as using equipment in the more risky parts of a process."