June 10 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) members from around the globe have been busy moving complex and oversize cargoes for a multitude of recent projects.

PCN member in Bahrain, Turk Heavy Transport, has teamed up with Swiss PCN member ITS International Transport & Shipping in order to move abnormal cargoes for the Aluminium Bahrain R37 Project.

ITS awarded the contract to Turk Heavy Transport, which will organise the delivery of a rectifier and accessories from Switzerland, as well as a transformer and supporting equipment from Germany, plus the offloading of the cargoes at site.

FREJA Transport & Logistics, PCN member representing Finland, Denmark and Norway, chartered a coaster vessel to transport six modules from Finland to Rotterdam. Three weighed 305 tonnes and measured 10.94 m x 5.09 m x 9.2 m, and the remaining modules measured 6.34 m x 6.34 m x 4.98 m and weighed in at 171 tonnes a piece.

In the Netherlands, the six modules were re-loaded as breakbulk cargo on to a container vessel bound for the Far East using a 1,800-tonne lift capacity floating crane.

InterMax Solutions - PCN representative in Taiwan - awarded Saudi Arabian PCN member Paragon Saudi Services a contract to move oversize breakbulk cargoes to Jeddah Port. Paragon's scope of work included receiving the cargoes at the port, transportation and offloading at the final project site.

In a separate project, Paragon recently won a contract to transport oversize raw water filtering tanks from Jubail, Saudi Arabia to other sites around the country. The first lot has already been moved from Jubail to the project site in Dhurma. Paragon's scope of work includes loading, lashing, arranging necessary permits, escorting the shipment and offloading at site.

PCN member in Ukraine, Farcont Project, arranged the relocation of a methanol plant from the USA to Ukraine, in cooperation with fellow PCN member Convoy Logistics Providers (Canada).

Farcont arranged Ukrainian port operations, survey and inland transportation of the plant, which had a total volume of 2,500 freight tonnes.

BA.SE Project & Logistic - PCN member in Italy - coordinated the transport of a 30-tonne valve by air from Milan Malpensa Airport. BA.SE collected then packed the cargo, while constructing a frame to hold the valve during transit. The valve was then delivered to Milan Malpensa, where BA.SE arranged the necessary boarding arrangements, prior to loading.

Another Italian PCN member, Fortune International Transport, oversaw the delivery of a 60-tonne machine to Russia. The unit was transported by road from Italy to Lübeck in Germany, before being transferred onto a Mafi trailer for a 1,500 km ferry journey to St. Petersburg. The cargo was then delivered by road to the final project site. In total, the 3,500 km journey was completed in just over one week.

PCN member in Jordan and Iraq, Grand Arabia, completed the delivery of a barge, by road, from the UAE to Jordan. Grand Arabia also handled the seafreight of spud barges from the Netherlands to Aqaba, in coordination with Alexander Global Logistics - PCN member in Germany, Russia and Mongolia.