January 24 - Quality Freight UK has been transporting some of the giant modules used in the construction of Alstom's new GBP500 million (USD831 million) gas-fired power station in Trafford.

The modules are shipped into the docks at Ellesmere Port before being discharged using specialist heavy lift equipment and transferred to barges for onward delivery on the Manchester Ship Canal to the site at Carrington.

The 880 MW facility, which is scheduled for completion in early 2016, is being built using the latest natural gas combined cycle technology and will generate enough electricity to supply the needs of around one million homes.

"The Carrington project is the result of detailed planning and is a high profile example of our specialist heavy lift facility at Ellesmere Port in action," said Sebastian Gardiner, managing director of Quality Freight UK.

Commenting on the Manchester Ship Canal, Gardiner added: "The canal offers a fantastic solution on a project of this nature as the alternative would have been to transport by road with the resulting delays to traffic."

Quality Freight will be handling a number of further shipments over the coming weeks, including the power stations' giant turbines.