December 30 - Cargoes associated with the wind energy business were a major factor in the significant increase in cargoes through Seaports of Niedersachsen's port of Brake in November, compared to the same month in 2009.

Brake handled 4,728 tonnes of turbines, blades, etc, in November 2010, compared to 2,665 tonnes in November 2009, and the port expects to see much more in this area in the coming year. For wind energy cargoes, Brake offers theNiedersachsenkai, which has around 100,000 sq m of storage and transport space, plus an 11-acre staging area.

In total, in November, Brake saw a new record of 670,000 tonnes of cargo - a good sign that recovery is well underway said an official statement.

"Particularly pleasing here is the fact that the improved handling results rest on several pillars," said Andreas Bullwinkel, director of port marketing company Seaports of Niedersachsen.