July 25 - A regular shipment for heavy transport specialist Van der Vlist in the UK is cable reels and drums and the company says it is carving a good niche in this sector.

The units are used for a wide range of tasks, from the construction of stadiums to oil and gas-specific projects. The reels vary from 3.5 m in diameter weighing 5 tonnes, up to 4.5 m across and tipping the scales at 90 tonnes.

Cargoes of this nature are regularly transported to and from the UK, and various other European locations, on the back of the Van der Vlist trailer fleet.

Due to the variety of size and weight of cable drums and reels each transport must be arranged on an individual basis, using equipment specific suited to a job.

Van der Vlist can call upon semi-low trailers, euro low-loaders and special vessel bridges from its modular fleet to accommodate the cargoes.