November 9 - Belgium based Titan Cargo has coordinated the shipment of a 380-tonne consignment from Antwerp to Shanghai on board the heavy lift vessel Rickmers Seoul.

The heaviest unit - an ABB motor, which was delivered to the Belgian port from Finland - weighed in at 120 tonnes with the dimensions 7.35 m x 6.25 m x 5.25 m.

Titan Cargo also handled the discharge of six full truckloads of accessories from Switzerland, which were then loaded onto the Rickmers ship.

A 119-tonne compressor, measuring 6.45 m x 4 m x 2.45 m, was also delivered to Antwerp from Switzerland, before being lifted onto the heavy lift vessel for shipment to Shanghai.

The total consignment comprised of 51 units, with a volume of 554.6 cu m.

Watch a video of the loading operations below:



Titan Cargo is a member of the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance.