December 18 - Rolitrans International has transported four new autoclaves for the automotive industry from the port of Jakarta to a jobsite on the Indonesian island of Java.

Each unit had a weight of 70 tonnes, with a length of 41 m and a diameter of 4 m. "Cargoes of such dimensions are always difficult to transport considering Indonesia's poor infrastructure," admitted Deny Prayatna, head of Rolitrans' in-house engineering department.

Rolitrans conducted various route surveys to find the most suitable transport path, prior to the transport.

Once the units arrived in Jakarta, Rolitrans' field operations team began to coordinate the 60 km road transport, which involved the lifting of various overhead cables, temporary dismantling of billboards, traffic lights and other road signs, and organising traffic management with the local authorities.

On arrival at the jobsite each of the four autoclaves were discharged from their trailers by two mobile cranes in a tandem lift.