September 1 - Roll-Lift has handled the transportation and installation of a splitter column in Houston, USA, on behalf of Kinder Morgan.

Roll-Lift transported the T-102 splitter using 20 axle lines of SPMT from the Hahn & Clay fabrication facility to the KBR dock in downtown Houston.

The splitter was then loaded onto a 200 ft x 35 ft (60.9 m x 10.6 m) hopper barge, using two Liebherr LR 1350 crawler cranes.

Once loaded and secured, the cargo was barged downriver to the Port of Houston's Woodhouse Terminal and unloaded using two barge cranes.

The cargo was then lifted onto more SPMTs and transported by road to Kinder Morgan's facility, where the splitter column was placed on its foundations using another Liebherr crawler crane.