June 28 - Olympic rings were lowered into position on London's iconic Tower Bridge in a ceremony attended by London mayor Boris Johnson and organiser Lord Coe who were strategically positioned on the Edwardian, a launched owned and operated by London-base

The rings had been installed 19 days earlier on the 122-year old London landmark. The rings weighed over 10 tonnes each and were hoisted onto the western walkway by 26 electric motors from the deck of a flat top pontoon positioned using Livett equipment to within one metre of the vertical lifting point.

Chris Livett, managing director of Livett's Launches, who accompanied Johnson and Coe, said: "Another significant milestone for the River Thames and Livett's Launches, with the river being used to transport the rings from where they were constructed to Tower Bridge, it is another achievement and example of what can be done on the river."

Livett's acted as marine consultants, teaming up with entertainment agency, Innovision to make the project a reality