February -24- Two 107 tonne turbine rotors worth CDN10 million destined for a Canadian power plant refit that spent five days on the seabed of St Johns, Nova Scotia harbour in October last year have received a clean bill of health.

The turbines were destined for Point Lepreau's refurbishment project, which will extend the reactor's life for another 25 years.


The two multimillion-dollar turbines were damaged as they were lost overboard from a barge. Both of the units were loaded on transporters on the barge at the time of the incident.


After recovery, they were returned to Scotland for inspection by Siemens, the manufacturer, and they were found to be largely in good shape.


NB Power said in January that the nuclear refurbishment project is three to four months behind schedule, a delay that could cost the utility CDN 90 million. However, NB Power said the turbine incident has not delayed the project. The turbines are now scheduled to be fixed and returned to New Brunswick in June.