April 30 - US based Samson and Netherlands headquartered United Offshore Services (UOS) have partnered up to supply Samson's synthetic rope products to Europe.

Samson manufactures high-performance synthetic rope at its production facilities in the United States and has more than 130-years of experience in replacing steel-wire rope.

UOS is a specialist in the design and manufacture of offshore steel wire rope and special heavy lift slings. This expansion of UOS' product offering is driven by the increasing demand from its customers that recognise the advantages of heavy lift slings made with synthetic rope.

"Synthetic rope slings fill a special need in the market that can't be met with steel-wire rope. Bringing Samson into our product offering allows us to compete in a larger portion of the market," according to Edwin Jefferies, commercial manager at UOS. Heavy lift slings made with Samson synthetic lines are size-for-size the same strength and 85 percent lighter than steel-wire rope, UOS observes.

Craig Kelly, director of international sales for Samson, added: "UOS is known in the industry for their expertise in fabrication and unique design. This is exactly what we were looking for to service the needs of our customers in the offshore oil and gas industry."

Samson's technical sales and engineering teams will work with the UOS sales staff to support customers in Europe. UOS will expand its fabrication department to facilitate the addition of synthetic rope assemblies.