Sarens is in the process of lifting and loading out 71 gravity-based structures, weighing approximately 4,800 tonnes each, in the port of Le Havre for France’s Fécamp offshore wind farm.


The BSB consortium – comprising Bouygues Travaux Publics, Saipem and Boskalis – contracted Sarens for the work.

Measuring 31 m in diameter at the base and 48-54 m in height, the structures will serve as foundations for the wind turbines located 13-22 km off the Normandy coast.

In a 24-hour loading process, Sarens will use a gantry system consisting of two separate units transported by 180 SPMTs. Once positioned and secured around the structures, the gantry system will be interconnected by data cables in order to operate as one.

Three barges, installed with sounding systems that will measure the amount of water in the ballast tank with interconnected pumps for de-ballasting, will be used for the project. Three foundation bases are loaded on each barge.

In early October, DEME’s Orion installed components for the Fécamp offshore wind farm, as HLPFI wrote about here.