May 20 - Turkish haulier,

The latest shipment is one of many amine absorber units transported by ÇABA since November 2010 fromTurkmenbashivto Eloten , with more than 80 percent of the route across rough desert dunes (approx. 1,000 km).

ÇABA is using SCHEUERLE InterCombi platform trailers with 24 axle lines for this demanding assignment. An additional 12 axle lines InterCombi SL ("split type") are coupled laterally . As the SL version can be divided longitudinally, this means - in connection with the standard InterCombi platform trailer - the transportation unit can also be extended laterally. This so-called "3-file" combination provides improved stability if the centre of gravity of the load is higher.

The load, which weighs approximately 600 tonnes is being pulled and pushed by three Mercedes 8x4 2MB 3850 6x6 WSK truck tractors. The total combination is over 40 m long, 7.5 m wide and almost 7 m high.

All bridges which were to be crossed on route have been fitted with special bridge crossing systems. In addition, obstacles such as electricity pylons and road signs have to be continually removed and then re-positioned. As a result, a single delivery takes an average of 60 days. Furthermore, asphalt roads had to be specially built for the final 300 km of the route taken by these shipments.