August 22 - Stabroek, Belgium based Roll-iT has ordered 24 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMT Split - an SPMT version that can be divided in half to form three-file combinations for use on transportation routes with restricted space.

Having been steadily acquiring more SPMT axle lines since 2007, Roll-iT said that it is continuously expanding its possibilities to offer its customers the capability to handle bigger, more challenging and bulkier loads, even when space is at a premium.

"Last week was the busiest week since our start with SPMTs. For three of the five days, we had 168 axles on the move, of which 104 where rented to various parties," said Tom van Runckelen, account and project manager at Roll-iT.

"The standardisation of the Scheuerle SPMT gives us the flexibility to react to the increasing demand that we are currently facing," added Runckelen.

Roll-iT is a co-partnership between Aertssen Kranen (Aertssen Group) and Ivens Transport & Kraanbedrijf (Ivens Group).


Roll-iT driving a 2,100-tonne offshore high-voltage substation (OHVS) onto a barge at the Cofley Fabricom yard in Hoboken using Scheuerle SPMTs.