November 26 - With a new order for 24 SCHEUERLE SPMT 3000 axle lines, Multilift Transportsysteme is extending its transporter fleet with a new product.

As a result of the order Multilift took the opportunity to invite clients to visit SCHEUERLE's factory in Pfedelbach, Germany to find more information about the SPMT 3000. 

A specific feature of the visit was the use of a special frame to demonstrate a side-by-side coupling of three SPMTs each with three axle lines. This configuration was used as a three-file combination in transverse direction - all the wheel bogies were turned through 90° by the electronic steering system. Such a combination is new and, says SCHEUERLE, has never been used before adding that "the advantage of this combination is a higher loading capacity than that of a single vehicle and more efficiency when the operating area is narrow." 

During a short theoretical lesson from experienced transporter trainer Friedrich Messer, SPMT 3000 combinations and load cases were calculated using the SCHEUERLE Salsa Programme, followed by a practical transporter presentation. 

SCHEUERLE says that it is developing a new Salsa Programme which will be presented at the BAUMA 2010 event in Munich.