January 15 - SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik has extended its product range for the challenging and demanding road transport sector and will present its new EuroCombi BR (Boom Recess) with its special Prisma loading trough at this year

As a "trough-body vehicle", the new EuroCombi BR - in combination with an excavator deck - is ideal for the demanding task of transporting excavators. This platform vehicle makes it possible to transport large excavators and construction machinery in spite of the long front boom in a low driving height. 

For this, the excavator arm is positioned in the centrally-arranged trough (Prisma loading trough) of the vehicle frame, which means the new development has added 60 cm to the loading height. This is a significant advantage particularly when the height of the load plays an important role such as driving under bridges or high voltage power lines.

The one-piece continuous Prisma trough has another decisive advantage: loads in a variety of different shapes and dimensions can also be transported. The Prisma trough's 45° angle makes it possible to place circular loads such as large pipes and wind tower sections in the 1.33 m wide trough making the new EuroCombi BR especially suitable for these types of loads.

The new SCHEUERLE EuroCombi BR is available as 4, 5 and 6-axle bogie units. These can be flexibly coupled with all decks that are featured in the current SCHEUERLE Combi equipment programme.

With a steering angle of 60° using the SCHEUERLE pendulum axle technology along with optimized steering geometry, the EuroCombi BR is extremely manoeuvrable especially in very tight spaces.