November 13 - Earlier this year, SCS Heavy Lifts & Transport Group was called in to verify the centres of gravity of an 800-tonne jacket and a 500-tonne topside in Alexandria, Egypt.

The company deployed eight 300-tonne jacks, eight 500-tonne jacks, 400 m hydraulic hoses, 200 m of data cable and three cases of small equipment to complete the job, which was required before the units were installed offshore.

Both parts were jacked up using SCS' computer controlled synchronised lifting system.

"This system uses feedback from multiple sensors to control the lifting, lowering and positioning of any large, heavy or complex structure regardless of weight distribution, therefore reducing the risk of bending, twisting or tilting," explained managing director of SCS, Robin van der Stigchel.

The jacket had the dimensions 23 m x 27 m x 85 m, and the topside had the dimensions 34 m x 23 m x 13 m.

The units are parts of the Hilal B platform, which is located in the Shoab Ali field in the Gulf of Suez.