May 2 - Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics has demonstrated its ability to utilise lo-lo and flo-flo methods to load, transport and discharge two J-Class yachts, Shamrock and Svea, in separate projects

For the transportation of the 37 m long and 170-tonne Shamrock, Costa Thuring, loadmaster at Sevenstar, said a high capacity crane was required that led the yacht shipping specialists to collaborate with BigLift Shipping.

Thuring said: "The Shamrock is a J-Class type, which means that it has a classic shaped hull, of which the keel is mounting up all the way to the front. As we had to ship the yacht with a standing mast, we could only lift her with one crane.

"Due to the shape of the hull and the keel, we had to use lift belts with different lengths to get the yacht straight out of the water, paying particular attention to ensure the belts would not slip during the lift.

"The same hull shape gave us another challenge and that is the sea fastening and the cradling of the yacht, as the yacht tends to move backwards in the cradle."

The yacht was transported from Palma de Mallorca, in Spain to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean.

In a separate project, Sevenstar worked in partnership with DYT Yacht Transport to transport Svea, utilising the flo-flo method and the semi-submersible ship Super Servant 4.

Svea was transported from Flushing in the Netherlands to Palma de Mallorca.