February 22 - Steder Group FCZO Djibouti has shifted heavy power plant machinery through Ethiopia.

Steder Group, member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network for Ethiopia, transported one 110-tonne tunnel boring machine (TBM) with dimensions of 5.63 m x 4.25 m x 3.06 m; and two 76.9-tonne TBM grippers measuring 7.33 m x 4.25 m x 3.06 m respectively.
Steder Group took delivery of the over-dimensional cargoes and loaded them on to trailers at the port of Djibouti. The destination of the consignment was the Ethiopian Inlands hydro power plant, some 1,500 km away in the Genale Dawa River basin.
Due to the poor state of parts of the road network, assistance was from bulldozers was required to prepare the roads for the heavy loads. On certain parts of the journey, only 25 km per day could be achieved. Steder Group successfully delivered the machinery to the jobsite in 14 days.