December 1 - StederDelta Group has transported a dismantled crane, weighing a total of 200 tonnes, from Turkmenistan's Turkmenbashi port to Johor in Malaysia.

The crane was disassembled into 16 pieces, of which the heaviest weighed 120 tonnes.

"To carry out the project, we used a two-vessel combination and a direct ship-to-ship transhipment," explained Dimitris Charisoglou, agency and port handling manager at StederDelta's Constanta, Romania office.

The cargo was first loaded on to the vessel Whitebox Volga at Turkmenbashi, before being delivered to Constanta and transhipped onto the vessel Panthea, which carried the dismantled crane to its final destination in the port of Johor.

StederDelta took care of the chartering of both vessels, the transhipment, the agency of the vessels, and the handling of the cargo at all ports involved.

StederDelta Group is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Romania.