March 7 - Southampton, UK based boat transportation specialist PSP Worldwide Logistics has delivered a 40 m yacht to the Dubai International Boat Show.

PSP loaded the 189-tonne Sunseeker yacht on board the vessel Palembang at Southampton Docks on February 7.

The yacht was skippered from the Sunseeker manufacturing facility in Poole and moored alongside Palembang. A specially designed 45 m cradle was positioned on the deck of Palembang in preparation to receive the newbuild yacht.

Palembang's on board lifting equipment was rigged and lowered into the water to accept the Sunseeker. Divers checked the position of the lifting strops under the yacht to ensure it was safely secured. Palembang's onboard cranes performed a tandem lift to haul the Sunseeker out of the water and carefully position the precious cargo onto its cradle.

The yacht was then transported to Jebel Ali Port, Dubai and was unloaded by PSP's partners in the country. The vessel was motored to the Dubai International Boat Show for public display.

"Specialising in heavy lift leisure boat transportation has always been a logical next step for us and we are only expecting this side of our business to grow in coming years," commented Frank Dixie, managing director of PSP.