September 20 - Sudan and North East Africa project forwarding specialist, Darka for Trading and Services has successfully handled the transport of 4,100 cu m of heavy cargo over 1,100 km from Port Sudan to the White Nile Sugar Project in Abu Hibera (Centr

The project included offloading supervision from the vessel, customs clearance, warehouse handling, loading, lashing, securing and transportation to the site on behalf of Hindustan Cargo Ltd (and its client Uttam).

The heavy and oversized cargo included a terminal box, 65-tonne generator and 66-tonne condenser, manufactured in India and shipped to Port Sudan from Mumbai By Hindustan Cargo.

Darka vice chairman and business development manager, Mohamed A.M. Osman, said the project was completed whilst working in very difficult conditions including extreme temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius.

"Much of the project was completed within the holy month of Ramadan and required detailed planning and route surveys to meet the needs of not only the client but the fasting workforce," Mr Osman said.

Darka for Trading and Services and Hindustan Cargo Ltd are both members of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) the global franchise network for project cargo forwarders with country/area exclusivity.