September 6 - Swire Shipping has upgraded its North Asia Express (NEX) service between the Port of Townsville, Australia and Asia.

The service will call at the port every 20 days and offers connections to major Asian and Southeast Asian ports, with an eight-day transit to Singapore, a 17-day transit from Shanghai, China and a 15-day transit from Ningbo, China.

Swire Shipping says the service will be supported through the deployment of larger, modern vessels.

Jeremy Sutton, general manager, Swire Shipping, said: "Our North Asia Express service enhancement, in particular, caters to the shipping needs of the businesses and community in Townsville and will hopefully boost trade for North Queensland."

Swire Shipping provides multipurpose liner services with capacity for conventional, refrigerated and project cargoes.

Swire Shipping eco-containers at the Port of Townsville