August 26 - Earlier this week, Bremerhaven, Germany, hosted five H

The five ships were Höegh Triton destined for South East Asia, Jupiter Spirit destined for South East Asia and Japan, Höegh Oslo destined for Middle East, Höegh Trotter destined for Caribbean and the US; and Ocean Challenger destined for Africa and Australia. 

Höegh Autoliners is a global leader in ro-ro deep sea transportation services and with a fleet designed for maximum flexibility, it is able to cater for a wide variety of cargoes including high and heavy construction equipment and other rolling and non-rolling stock.

Terminal operator BLG believes that this is the first time there has only been one deep sea carrier in the port at one time. With the support of BLG and Höegh Autoliners' port agent Peter W. Lampke, the ships' operations were very smooth and almost 10,000 units were handled on these five vessels.