August 6 - Swiss crane service provider Toggenburger has used a Terex AC 100/4L and Terex Challenger 3180 all terrain crane to lift a 60 m long steel district heating pipe onto a support frame in just three hours.

A railway line and a busy road serving a paper mill close to the construction site, both of which could not be closed for a prolonged period of time, meant that the job had to be completed quickly, explained Terex.

"It was all down to speed and precision on this job to avoid blocking the rail traffic, as well as the 40 trucks a day supplying the paper mill, for an unnecessarily long period of time," explained Toggenburger project manager, André Huber.

The two Terex cranes were driven to the site within in an hour and were ready for operation within 30 minutes, said the crane manufacturer.

With main booms set to a length of 35 m and standard outrigger configurations, the two Terex cranes were quickly in a position to lift the 60 m long, 24-tonne steel pipe within a working radius of 15 m, and to the required height of 15 m.

The challenge with this lift, explained Terex, was that both cranes had work with precision and in perfect sync with each other as the steel pipe, which was supported at four points, was not allowed to bend too much during the lift.