April 3 - Belgian crane, lift and transportation service provider, Sarens, recently set a steel footbridge on its foundations in Metz, France.

To complete the project, the company relied on a Terex CC 2800-1, a lattice boom crane with a lifting capacity of 600 tonnes and a reach of 10 m (pictured below). 

A large crowd gathered to watch as the Sarens Group team lifted an entire footbridge from a lowbed trailer and then proceeded to turn the 60 m long steel structure through 90 degrees and place it on the foundations that had already been set up - all with perfect accuracy. 

Although the structure appeared to be as light as a feather - the result of a style reminiscent of the Centre Pompidou-Metz and steel beams that look as if though they had been gracefully braided - the bridge was much heavier than it looked, weighing a full 102 tonnes. Once the cables and hook block were added to the picture, the load increased further to a total of 109 tonnes. 

"We decided to use the Terex CC 2800-1 on this project after careful deliberation. On the one hand, it had all the performance characteristics that were needed in order to successfully lift the bridge. On the other hand, it was compact enough to maneuver around the site, where space was quite tight," explains Sarens project manager Karel Maesfrancx.

copyright: Communication Ville de Metz - Vincent BabinMarc Royer.